Rountree Glass is a commercial only glass installation company. We do not do residential or non-union jobs.

We specialize in complex projects demanding multiple materials and have experience working with all of todays safety, decorative, privacy and partitioning solutions.

One of the largest commercial glass companies in the western United States, Rountree has built a reputation for reliability, service, responsiveness and expense management. Bob, Don and Jason all work in the company every day and will be actively involved in your project.

Bill Rountree originally founded Rountree Glass with a vision of providing exceptional service and outstanding quality in glass installation in the greater Los Angeles area. His passion for the business continues today and his legacy of business with a smile and a handshake remains a key part of the company’s personality. Many of Rountree’s highly experienced union installation team were originally hired by Bill and continue working with the company today.

If you’re interested in talking with us about a project give us a call at (818) 246 1785.